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Cant find your Archicad License code?

See the FAQ section to learn how to identify your license code with the EasyFINISH library itself.

An EasyFINISH license must be associated with a single Archicad license.

The serial code of the Archicad license(s) can be obtained from the LMT-License Manager Tool application or from your user’s license management page on the Graphisoft portal.

Eg: [SW1234567890] or [1-0000000000]

What is my Archicad License code

Try EasyFINISH without any restrictions for 10 days.

Fill out the form on the right and receive EasyFINISH with a TRIAL license via email within the next 24 hours.

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Frequently Asked Questions

EasyFINISH is a light library for Archicad, compatible with versions 25, 26, and 27.

EasyFINISH will also be compatible with future versions of Archicad, as long as Graphisoft maintains full compatibility with the functions used to develop the tool.

After licensing, simply load the library file as you would with any other project to use it.

Yes, each EasyFINISH license will be associated with a single Archicad license.

If you use an Archicad license on more than one computer, you can install the corresponding EasyFINISH license on all computers where you use the Archicad license.

Yes, an EasyFINISH license can be used on any computer where the associated Archicad license is available.

You can install the EasyFINISH license file on as many computers as you want. Once the availability of the corresponding Archicad license is detected, the library will become fully functional.

Once issued, an EasyFINISH can not be changed.

Of course! Simply contact us and request a trial license.

We will issue a Trial licence that will allow you to try all the EasyFINISH functions for 10 days.

No, at the end of the trial version or license period, all created finishes will remain in the model with the assigned characteristics and information.

However, you will not be able to modify them.

No, as long as you place the valid license file in the designated folder, the library will resume all editing functionalities without the need for further actions.