Ease of understanding


Reduction of project and construction errors


Risk Reduction


Centralization of information


Optimization. Economy


Reduction in the initial cost of construction


Reduction in cost over the life cycle of buildings

47% a 65%

Reduction of conflicts and additional work in construction

44% a 59%

Improvement in the overall quality of the building

35% a 43%

Reduction of risks and uncertainties

32% a 38%

Improved review and approval cycles


Coinciding with the rehab week in Lisbon, OLI released a new video about its BIM libraries.

The video, available in Portuguese, English, and Spanish versions, illustrates the ease of access to libraries and the advantages of using them.

Watch the video here.

laboratório nacional de engenharia civil

concepsysBIM will participate in the Technical Session on BIM that will take place on November 20th at LNEC in Lisbon.

This event is part of the dissemination actions of the Science and Technology activities of LNEC’s Buildings Department. The presentation by concepsysBIM, entitled “I of Information”, will address various aspects related to the Information associated with the BIM model. In Portugal, the use of BIM (Building Information Modelling) methodologies by designers is not yet widespread. However, it is unquestionable that BIM models are a reality to be considered with extremely relevant contributions, not only for the design phase, but also for the remaining phases, contributing to an evolution in the construction industry. Its application in the medium and long term will certainly bring success and effectiveness to the sector, since it is a methodology for sharing information and communication among all players and during all phases of the life cycle of a construction project.


This Technical Session on BIM is intended for engineers (civil, mechanical, electrical, etc.), architects and other technicians involved in the various stages of the life cycle of buildings, scientific researchers and university and polytechnic students.


Álvaro Vale e Azevedo, Center for Economics, Management and Construction Technology of LNEC Paula Couto, Center for Economics, Management and Construction Technology of LNEC Maria João Falcão Silva, Center for Economics, Management and Construction Technology of LNEC Ana Filipa Salvado, Center for Economics, Management and Construction Technology of LNEC.

Complete information in PDF here