Technical Session on BIM organized by LNEC

concepsysBIM will participate in the Technical Session on BIM that will take place on November 20th at LNEC in Lisbon. This event is part of the dissemination actions of the Science and Technology activities of LNEC’s Buildings Department. The presentation by concepsysBIM, entitled “I of Information”, will address various aspects related to […]

concepsysBIM joins Technical Commission 197 – BIM

ConcepsysBIM is now a member of Technical Committee CT197 – BIM. CT197 is the mirror committee of CEN/TC442 and ISO/TC59 and is the entity delegated by the Portuguese Quality Institute as responsible for developing standardization within the scope of classification systems, information modeling and processes throughout the life cycle of construction enterprises. […]

OLI’s BIM video at the Rehabiitation week in Lisbon.

Coinciding with the rehab week in Lisbon, OLI released a new video about its BIM libraries. The video, available in Portuguese, English, and Spanish versions, illustrates the ease of access to libraries and the advantages of using them. Watch the video here.