Telhas Cobert’s BIM Libraries at the Order of Architects

ConcepsysBIM will participate in the session to divulge the Tiles Cobert on November 18 in the Order of Architects at 14:00. In addition to BIM libraries for Archicad and Revit, Telhas Cobert also has libraries of its products for Autocad and 3D studio.

OLI has BIM objects developed by concepsysBIM

OLI is a Portuguese brand with an international vocation. This manufacturer of hydraulic systems for toilets already has a library of BIM objects in Archicad and Revit from its OLI74 series. The BIM object library was developed by concepsysBIM with the best way to support designers’ work in mind. In the Archicad version, BIM objects […]

ConcepsysBIM develops new OLI libraries again

Having obtained a very positive feedback from designers with the availability of its OLI74 range, OLI decided to strengthen the range of products to be made available in BIM formats. Thus, a new, broader project started in January 2017, which will provide BIM objects for Archicad and Revit of the OLI120 and Expert EVO ranges. […]

concepsysBIM develops Sanindusa’s BIM library

Sanindusa turned to concepsysBIM to develop a set of BIM objects that aim to meet the growing needs of designers. The first BIM objects will be produced for Autodesk’s Revit software, initially targeting the British market. Sanindusa is a Portuguese company that produces sanitary porcelain fixtures, and the Group has been exporting its products to […]

concepsysBIM develops BIM library for Wicanders

concepsysBIM started the development of BIM object libraries for the Wicanders brand. The objects will be available in BIM formats for Autodesk’s Revit and Graphisoft’s Archicad software. Wicanders is a Portuguese company that belongs to the Amorim Group and produces high quality floating floors.